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The Nether – review

The Nether tries to answer a simple question - should people be able to enact their deepest, darkest desires online if this means they don't do it in real life? This incredibly intelligent script focuses on victorian virtual reality 'The... Continue Reading →


‘Behind the Beautiful Forevers’ review

'Behind the Beautiful Forevers' was always going to be a difficult story to adapt. Hefty in emotion and in intricate description, the Pulitzer-winning non-fiction novel by Katherine Boo involves several complex characters and a plot tough to crush into just over... Continue Reading →


A delightfully bittersweet affair filled with wisecracking Czechs and surly Irishmen, this 'new' musical hit the West End quietly -- sneaking through the back door -- and stealing the audience's hearts. Can love blossom in five days? According to Hollywood, it... Continue Reading →

Bringing back ‘The Man Who Gave Us Sunshine’

Gary Morecambe and Bob Golding on innocent laughs, playing over 50 characters and resurrecting a legend, by Natasha Bernal I am sitting with the brains behind the acclaimed Morecambe play in a private room at the Richmond Theatre, where the... Continue Reading →

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