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1000 before 30 #46: Flowers for Algernon – Daniel Keyes

A study on how human experiments can both enlighten and devastate their subjects. What would you do if you knew you were going to lose your mind? This is one of the saddest yet most beautiful stories I have ever... Continue Reading →


The Nether – review

The Nether tries to answer a simple question - should people be able to enact their deepest, darkest desires online if this means they don't do it in real life? This incredibly intelligent script focuses on victorian virtual reality 'The... Continue Reading →

Battle stations: the Cyber War has begun

One cloudy morning in November, executives from major UK banks gathered together to play a war game. The top secret exercise, called Waking Shark II, was a test of the UK banks’ strength to resist a prolonged cyber-attack. This exercise... Continue Reading →

The Best Vines of 2013

Vine is arguably the best thing that happened to the internet this year. Since it launched in January 2013, funny, outrageous creative and weird short videos have found their own niche between gifs and YouTube videos. Special mention should be... Continue Reading →

16% of Mobile Phones have Poop on Them – Infographic

Have you borrowed someone else's phone, used a public library computer or touched a communal tablet lately? If the answer is yes, you've been exposed to a lot more than just technology. You're within the majority of people exposed to... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the BlackBerry Q10

The BlackBerry Z10 was RIM's last hope to recover lost customers and lost time against their competitor. The new device broke the silence and brought in a new crowdsourcing operating system, developing opportunities and a new and improved touchscreen. Although... Continue Reading →

Is there money in e-books?

The rise of digital books means one important thing: an increase in demand for writers that can meet their needs. Is signing an e-book deal the same as signing a regular paper book deal? Can you live off the earnings... Continue Reading →

How to predict the future of technology

Throughout the last few years, innovation and the advancement of technology on a global scale has shot forward. The Voyager has travelled outside our solar system, the Curiosity has discovered evidence of microbiotic life on Mars and scientists have allegedly... Continue Reading →

Technology-inspired Art

A recent trip to the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid showed just how much technology has inspired art: a transparent, glass dinosaur foot is just the start of a journey in which science and technology is king. Creativity comes in... Continue Reading →

StoryBox, The Educational App of the Year

Storybox, an online US magazine aimed at parents of children aged 3-6, launched their own App for iPads through the iTunes App Store. It features interactive stories with familiar character SamSam, a video and a comic. StoryBox is one of... Continue Reading →

Facebook’s Great Plans for 2012

Facebook is planning to be a Public Listing Company next Wednesday, according to BBC reports. The planned $10 billion share offering estimation  would make Facebook one of the biggest market capitalization companies in existence.( The company is enjoying profitable gains in spite... Continue Reading →

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