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1000 before 30 #24: Requiem for a dream – Hubert Selby Jr.

A beautiful high followed by a crashing, gut-wrenching low. There's no sitting on the wall with 'Requiem for a dream'. It is one of the most spectacular, stick-a-knife-in-your-ribs kind of story where the characters speak with such personality and strength... Continue Reading →


1000 before 30 #20: The Rubicon – Edward Frederick Benson

"Melodramatic piece of literary garbage." Those are the words that some would use to describe Edward Frederick Benson's 'The Rubicon'. Unfortunately I am one of those people. It's not like it wasn't well written, it just sounded insincere and overtheatrical... Continue Reading →

1000 books before 30 #9 My own story – by Emmeline Pankhurst

If anyone is wavering on whether to vote in the coming election, make them read this book. The year is 1917. World War I is raging, and women have put down their banners to help the common cause. Emmeline Pankhurst's account... Continue Reading →

1000 before 30 #7: The Circle – by Dave Eggers

'The Circle' by Dave Eggars, portrayed as a satyrical commentary on the early internet age, fails systematically to hit any of the right notes with predictable and lacklustre plot-twists. Look, I'm not meaning to say that The Circle wasn't an... Continue Reading →

The Twitter History of the World: Book Review

Ever wonder what world history would look like through Twitter? If the major events in human history (skewed ever so heavily towards creationism) had occured through social media, perhaps they would look something like this: If you've thought how easy... Continue Reading →

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