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1000 before 30 #51: Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk


When I picked this up I didn’t expect a rush.

[Slight spoiler alert]

A man is holding a loaded gun, cocked and ready to blow inside his own mouth at the top of a high rise building block.

How does he get there? Well it all starts with the unnamed protagonist’s doctor claiming that insomnia isn’t such a serious thing.
I mean, so what if the only way you can sleep is to take airplanes to random destinations because the altitude helps your brain to relax?

So the man decides to attend several support groups for the terminally ill. It looks like he’s found his new high, but then this woman keeps on appearing in all of the sessions too. She was a fraud, just like him, and frankly was harshing his buzz. When she attended the testicular cancer support group, he decided to confront her. And that’s how he meets Marla.

But the main protagonist isn’t totally alone. In fact, he has a best friend, ex projectionist and overall sociopath Tyler Durden, who is better than him in any way. With him comes fight club, a ‘fuck you’ response to everything that society has constructed – a way to feel something real in a world filled with ties, suits and lies.

But as more people become obsessed with fight club (and its rules) things spiral out of control. Will he be able to stop Tyler?

The book asks the question – should you be afraid of yourself – In an internal Frankenstein-like debate.

My favourite bit of the whole book has to be when the men decide to use Marla’s mother’s body fat – which she has allegedly been sucking out to save for other parts of her body – to make soap that they plan to sell. Marla comes into the apartment to see what the men had done and starts screaming about them ‘making her mother into soap’. And that’s not even close to the most absurd thing in the book.

Let’s just say this is one of those times that even though the film was excellent, the book was something marvellous. I understand the hype, I understand the impact.

This book is part of my 1000 before 30 book challenge. Read more about it by scrolling all over the site! Recommendations are always welcome.


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