Possibly David Sedaris’ weirdest collection of short stories. Want to meet the freudian bear, the racist chipmunk?


When George Orwell re-imagined human interaction in ‘Animal Farm’ I’m sure he never had Sedaris’ take in mind. Having read it however, the fact is that I’m still enchanted.

Even the fact that some people in Goodreads thought that it was a children’s book (right, because a cow being made into chow is so child-friendly) is just, so Sedaris, really.

There is little but dark and dry humour here really, so if this is your cup of tea (as it is mine). In ‘The Cow and the Turkey’, when it comes time for the animals to give each other secret santa gifts, the ending left me chuckling (and muttering ‘you rat bastard’ under my breath).

Same effect with ‘The Sick Rat and the Healthy Rat’, when lab rats’ lives collide in a cage. If anything, through the medium of animals, Sedaris proves that humans are a piece of work.

Favourite quote (sorry): “Leeches are singing in my asshole.”

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