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1000 before 30 #35: Trigger Warning – Neil Gaiman

These 23 stories and pieces of poetry may not be Gaiman’s best work, but as it says on the tin: you’ve been warned.

trigger-warningHave you ever wondered where all the scraps that writers don’t end up using go? Well, in the case of Gaiman, whatever didn’t fit into one of his brilliant novels or short stories ended up here, in ‘Trigger Warning’. Sure,there are some moments of absolute bliss when you remember whose prose you’re dealing with. The poetry however, was not my cup of tea.

Definitely worth a read if you’ve already enjoyed many of the other books Gaiman has on offer (which are all of them, really) – although at times it does feel slightly like you’re tossing him a bone because you’re a real fan.

As Gaiman himself says: “I remember Icarus. He flew too close to the sun. In the stories, though, it’s worth it. Always worth it to have tried, even if you fail, even if you fall like a meteor forever. Better to have flamed in the darkness, to have inspired others, to have lived, than to have sat in the darkness, cursing the people who borrowed, but did not return, your candle.”

Favourite quote: “We are all wearing masks. That is what makes us interesting.”

Creative commons image courtesy of Carlos Andres Reves


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