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September 2015

1000 before 30 #41: A confederacy of dunces — John Kennedy Toole

I've got two words on why you should read this book: MY VALVE. Ignatious J. Reilly is one of the most complex, hilarious, bizarre and annoying characters in the world. And he's just one of the amazing moving parts that... Continue Reading →


1000 before 30 #40: The Day of the Triffids — by John Wyndham

The end of the world is here. Unfortunately for our intrepid protagonist Bill Masen, he seems to have missed it. A mysterious comet seems to have left everyone who watched it permanently blind. As chaos reigns and desperate people begin... Continue Reading →

1000 before 30 #39: Squirrel seeks Chipmunk — David Sedaris

Possibly David Sedaris' weirdest collection of short stories. Want to meet the freudian bear, the racist chipmunk? When George Orwell re-imagined human interaction in 'Animal Farm' I'm sure he never had Sedaris' take in mind. Having read it however, the... Continue Reading →

1000 before 30 #38: Into Thin Air – Jon Krakauer

An astounding tale of human endurance, horror and tragedy on Everest, written by a journalist who lived to tell the tale first-hand. There is seldom a successful book that starts off by telling you the ending. This is one of... Continue Reading →

1000 before 30 #37 Transition – Iain Banks

Iain Banks' whirlwind narrative transcends time and space as rogue agents trying to escape an all-powerful organisation jump through parallel universes to survive. It takes around four chapters to get into an average Banks book (whether science fiction or normal... Continue Reading →

1000 before 30 #36: Go Set a Watchman — Harper Lee

Harper Lee's prequel to 'To Kill a Mockingbird' certainly feels just like the fat that got trimmed off and discarded from her previous work. It's not that the book is bad per se, but it certainly isn't good either. If,... Continue Reading →

1000 before 30 #35: Trigger Warning – Neil Gaiman

These 23 stories and pieces of poetry may not be Gaiman's best work, but as it says on the tin: you've been warned. Have you ever wondered where all the scraps that writers don't end up using go? Well, in... Continue Reading →

1000 before 30 #34: Fathers and Sons – Ivan Turgenev

Arkady Kisanov has just graduated from university and decides to go back home, with his friend Bazarov in tow. What happens later changes both of their lives. The story, which follows the young men through philosophizing, falling in (and out... Continue Reading →

1000 before 30 #33: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls – David Sedaris

There's something so special about reading a book by David Sedaris -- it's finished all too soon in an all-consuming one-sitting marathon. To me, David Sedaris' work produces the same kind of effect as a Netflix marathon. Suddenly you look... Continue Reading →

1000 before 30 #32: Mother Night – Kurt Vonnegut

Vonnegut excells with an exciting and dark memoir from a double agent during World War II. Howard W. Campbell Jr is, well, a bit of a Nazi. As the party's chief propagandaist during the war, he criticised Jews and justified... Continue Reading →

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