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May 2015

1000 before 30 #17 White Teeth – Zadie Smith

The best way to start reading Zadie Smith is right at the beginning - at least that's what critics believe - so I started on her first novel, 'White Teeth'. What a giant and amazing beast it is. White Teeth... Continue Reading →


1000 before 30 #16: Night and day – by Virginia Woolf

Night and Day does exactly what is says on the tin. Of course, being Woolf you expect some degree of romance, but this Edwardian novel centres on the differences, rather than the similarities, between its two protagonists. He was a... Continue Reading →

1000 before 30 #15: The beautiful and the damned – F. Scott Fitzgerald

It's a tragedy when a young life is wasted - but it's hard to feel sorry for Fitzgerald's self-deluded, spoiled couple. What happens to a superficial and narcissistic couple when all their money runs out? This looks set to be... Continue Reading →

1000 before 30 #14: The water-babies – Charles Kingsley

It's the children's classic I never read - and believe me, it is a lot more sinister when you read it the first time as a grown-up. Although I read many of the old classics when I was growing up, The... Continue Reading →

1000 before 30 #13: Lady Chatterley’s Lover – by DH Lawrence

Hello steamy rain sex. If you haven't watched the film, read the book instead. It's saucier. The fling, which is said to be inspired by Lady Ottoline Morell's love affair with a stonemason in her employ, reportedly wasn't published in the... Continue Reading →

1000 before 30 #12: Lady Susan – by Jane Austen

Austen's short epistolary novel on a rich family and one scheming woman tries the 'dangerous liasons' style... and fails to hit the right notes. If people spent more time talking to each other and less time writing letters, this story would... Continue Reading →

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