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1000 before 30 #1: The First Science Fiction Megapack – by Robert Silverberg, Samuel Delaney, Marion Bradley, Fredric Brown, Philip K Dick and Harry Harrison

The Science Fiction megapack of short stories is the first post to kick off my 1000 books before 30 (see the explanatory blog post here).

It also happens to be the first thing I read in 2015.

With 25 classic Sci-Fi short stories, what could go wrong? I was slightly swayed by the price (£0.90 on Amazon for Kindle) and wasn’t let down. This cornucopia of tales about the future, the present and places far far away is a pretty good gamble. ‘And All the Earth A Grave’ by C.C MacApp was a standout for me – I mean, when have caskets not been fashionable? Sentiment, INC by Poul Anderson, about the art of dating through brainwashing, was particularly entertaining.

Favourite Quote: “Nothing grew, nothing flew, nothing walked, nothing talked. But the thing in the hollow was stirring in stiff jerks like a snake with its back broken or a clockwork toy running down.”

Featured image: Creative commons photo courtesy of Bill Till

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