Other cities might  have tried to replicate the success of the golden city of technology. But if you are looking for quick cash and a bright future, Silicon Valley is still the best option that you have available.

Until just a few years ago, Silicon Valley was the best place in the world to develop tech. Talented people from around the world flocked to the Google Campus and the Apple HQ to build their futures one low-fat soy drink at a time. Although many cities in the world are promoting innovation and tech startups, Silicon Valley is still number one in terms of entry level salaries.

Let’s take a look at this infographic from CareerDean, where the top ten salaries are listed. Twitter is in first place, offering a whopping 116K a year on average as their entry level salary. In second place we find Facebook with an average of 113K, followed closely by Linkedin with 112K. Apple and Google tie at 105K each, wheras Cisco surpasses them with an offering of 107K.

According to this information, software engineers get paid on average 50,000 dollars more than the average software engineer in the United States.

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Creative Commons Image by 401(K) 2013