Macmillan Publishing unleashes its e-books

Macmillan Publishers has decided to offer its 11,000 e-book catalog to public libraries for the first time.

The company announced their news on Friday through a press release drafted by Baker & Tyler.

The company has confirmed that it would allow libraries to use the thousands of electronic books they have in their archives through the Axis 360 digital media platform.

For libraries that are under increased pressure to produce multimedia content in addition to paper books, this may be a welcome addition to the variety they would offer.

The issues of costs and control when lending e-books have meant that libraries and publishers are struggling to find the way to offer e-books to library users without losing control of their content.

With this new subscription based initiative, libraries would be able to access a selection of novels, romance titles, best sellers, classic and high-demand titles for sale on a monthly basis.

“We are excited patrons will now have access to even more of Macmillan’s e-book catalog to borrow and enjoy,” George Coe, President of Baker & Taylor’s Library & Education division, said.

Readers would be able to download the e-books through several devices, as the books will be available in several different formats (EPUB, PDF and Blio).

Although it looks like Macmillan Publishing’s initiative is only at work in the US, it follows similar initiatives such as the one Random House launched in 2008.

In early 2013, Macmillan started a public library lending pilot program with a select group of backlist e-books from its Minotaur Books mystery and crime fiction imprint.

Newly available titles from Macmillan will be added as they become eligible for sale on a monthly basis.

Creative commons image courtesy of YLev


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