Have you borrowed someone else’s phone, used a public library computer or touched a communal tablet lately? If the answer is yes, you’ve been exposed to a lot more than just technology.

You’re within the majority of people exposed to a petri dish of bacteria, mucus and faeces. Although you might not have caught your mate Pete with his hand down his crack, you can bet your life that at some point in the near past, he’s probably tweeted whilst on the porcelain throne or even swiped his tablet with the same hand used to wipe a lurgy from his nose. Enchanting.

This infographic by keepingitklean.com ¬†shows you just how much muck you get exposed to in a normal office environment. There are some things that we can’t avoid, like working and eating at the same time. If you have used the computer straight after the toilet without washing up however, you might find a fourth unexpected ingredient in your BLT.

This is a tale of caution – to be clean (without being Howard Hughes) and to be proud. Withstanding this amount of germs means that we all are warriors. Disgusting, filthy warriors.


Creative commons image by LeeBrimelow