10 Sci Fi Movies You Must Watch This Halloween

Are you looking for something to watch on the scariest night of the year? If you’ve rebelled from partying and are stuck to the sofa, here are 10 Science Fiction Halloween classics that will make your night terror-iffic.

Be prepared to throw popcorn all over yourself – If you haven’t watched these films, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. These are the best examples of technology gone wrong, aliens invading from outer space and scientists sticking their noses where they shouldn’t.

Whether this is the first time you’re watching these classics or if they are staples in your DVD collection; get comfortable, dust them off and pop them on.

1.The Fly

Out of all the films of this selection, this might be the perfect combination of horror and science fiction for this Halloween.

This is  the classic story of an ambitious scientist that wants to change the world as we know it. Everything goes horribly wrong thanks to a small fly.

It’s the perfect choice;  it has all the scary you need for Halloween packed into a 1986 classic format. Even Jeff Goldblum’s fluffy hair is panic-inducing.There are a few gag-worthy moments (such as when he peels off one of his nails for no apparent reason), and some seriously chunky scientific equipment.

The moral of the film: Always check for insects before time travelling.

2.The Blob

I’m talking about the 50’s Steve McQueen classic, not the 80’s remake. In the original version, the blob is created using some kind of disgusting syrupy gunge that grows all over people and absorbs them, like some kind of psychopathic jelly. It oozes out of vents, crawls down stairs and glides past lamp posts.

This blob, which originated from a meteor that crashed near a small town, just keeps on growing. Nothing, except for some teenagers with a lot of spunk and some cool cars, can save the world from destruction.

The moral of the film: Don’t touch goo with your bare hands. Ever.

3.The Thing

Although there have been many versions of The Thing, I think my favorite has to be John Carpenter’s. This 1980’s masterpiece tells the story of some scientists in a remote location of the tundra finding a ‘thing’ in the ice; a creature that had gone unnoticed and undisturbed for 100,000 and has now been freed (to wreck destruction and death, naturally).

This movie brings together the best of both worlds – the horror of finding out that anyone could be infected by the alien, and the certainty that they are the only thing standing between it and civilization, the last ones standing in the ice.

The moral of the film: Kill it! Kill it with FIRE!

4.War of the Worlds

The 1953 version is the better of HG Wells’ Sci Fi classic. It avoids all the family drama in the 2005 version, as well as Dakota Fanning’s constant screams. The story is simple; what looks like a meteor turns out to be an alien invasion.

Causing havoc throughout the US, the invaders start taking over the world, and frustrate army men that find they cannot stop their advance. What could possibly stop them? The answer (no spoilers) is all around us.

The moral of the film: Aliens can’t stand sneezes. 

5.Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Are we all who we say we are? Or are we aliens that have replaced someone else to appear human? Again, a pre-remake classic that shows the horrors of communism represented in a terrifying light.

The greenhouse goo and the bodies that appear everywhere are a dead giveaway that something is going wrong with our main characters (pun intended).

The moral of the film: If you do find out that an alien invasion is taking place, don’t waste your breath. No one will believe you.


A bunch of friends on a camping trip discover that they are being terrorized by beings from outer space. Cue in Morgan Freeman, some obscure references to nightmares and dream catchers and, uh, EVIL, and we have a perfect adaptation of Stephen King’s beloved novel.

The moral of the film: Don’t go camping.


“In space, no one can hear you scream.” If you haven’t watched this film, you don’t deserve popcorn. Watch it. NOW.

The moral of the film: ET is scary. Bring guns.


Two scientists decide to mess with the genetic order of things.  Not only do they manage to create something monstrous, they seem to think that it attacking them straight away is ‘nothing to be worried about’.

The creature evolves at an amazing speed and things spiral out of control in a modern day version of Frankenstein.

The moral of the film: Genetic mutation = bad. Trying to drown your creation in a bathtub = worse.

9.The Cube

Possibly the most underrated Sci-Fi Horror film of all time. This 1997 film is a psychological thriller about several people waking up in a ‘cube’ – a series of rooms that are a maze from which they can’t escape. The traps in the rooms they move to aren’t the only danger, as the pressure of being trapped and the desperation to get out turn them into dangerous and unstable people.

The moral of the film: No one can work together, especially under pressure.

10. Event Horizon

A mysterious spaceship reappears several years after vanishing on its maiden voyage. A group of scientists/astronauts decide to investigate. As you can imagine, things get ugly. Not only has the crew vanished, something else is on board of the space craft. Something intelligent. Something that wants to kill them.

The moral of the film: If someone says: “let’s go explore this mysterious spacecraft that reappeared after being AWOL for years”, make your excuses and leave.

Is there a film that you would like to add to the list? Let me know your recommendations in the comments box below or @PocketPenny


4 thoughts on “10 Sci Fi Movies You Must Watch This Halloween

  1. Natasha Bernal says:

    @Alvaro Solaris is brutal night watching! @Felipe I can totally recommend all of these films, they are fantastic. The one and only time I watched the Ring, a mate of mine thought it was hilarious to prank call us straight after… not OK! I haven’t watched Dark Water yet… scary business!

  2. first of all, WHAT A LIST! justo only 2 titles never heard about them, the rest are cllaaaasssicccssss. But you really saw any of that? gurl, “the thing” it’s too much, i need my Lolo to see that alone at my house, by the way, i recommend japanese horror as: The Ring, or Dark Water ( that one i dont want to watch yet )

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