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October 2013

Want a future in tech? Your best bet is still Silicon Valley

Other cities might  have tried to replicate the success of the golden city of technology. But if you are looking for quick cash and a bright future, Silicon Valley is still the best option that you have available. Until just... Continue Reading →


Macmillan Publishing unleashes its e-books

Macmillan Publishers has decided to offer its 11,000 e-book catalog to public libraries for the first time. The company announced their news on Friday through a press release drafted by Baker & Tyler. The company has confirmed that it would allow... Continue Reading →

16% of Mobile Phones have Poop on Them – Infographic

Have you borrowed someone else's phone, used a public library computer or touched a communal tablet lately? If the answer is yes, you've been exposed to a lot more than just technology. You're within the majority of people exposed to... Continue Reading →

10 Sci Fi Movies You Must Watch This Halloween

Are you looking for something to watch on the scariest night of the year? If you've rebelled from partying and are stuck to the sofa, here are 10 Science Fiction Halloween classics that will make your night terror-iffic. Be prepared... Continue Reading →

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