Social media and B2B: the reign of Twitter and the rise of Google+

Want to win in B2B marketing campaigns? Social media is the way to go, as an increasing number of businesses realize the importance of tweets, updates and videos as part of their selling strategy. Although social media platforms are potential minefields for businesses that put their foots in their mouth or fail to connect with who they are trying to talk to, it looks like companies have taken the leap towards the social media stratosphere for good.

This infographic by B2B Marketing shows that there is more awareness surrounding the impact of social media on B2B strategies: 61% of companies asked had a definite social media strategy for their B2B marketing campaigns. The importance of social media as a means to achieve greater impact in campaigns is now apparent to companies, who label social media marketing as part of a campaign as something ‘important’ or ‘very important’, a shift from the unconsciousness or ‘ignore it and it will go away’ attitude of previous years. Twitter is still by far the most popular platform for companies to spread their message, with 85% of businesses betting on that platform for promotion.

One change in the trend will become apparent in the immediate future. The rise of Google +, an unlikely competitor for Twitter, is imminent. By 2014, Google + will be three times as relevant as it is today to B2B strategies online, according to the data in B2B Marketing’s 2013 Social Media Benchmarking Report.



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