Penguin and Random House merger gets the green light in Europe

booksThe war against Amazon and the dominance in the digital reading age continues. The internet giant had seemingly grown out of proportion in the past, setting up an Author Network that destroyed the filter set in place by more conventional publishing houses and growing in popularity because of price competitiveness.

After the decline of paper copies sold and the dependence on Amazon for e-book sales, Penguin and Random House have begun a united front to fight back the competition that they depended on.

Last year, the two companies proposed a merger, which has now been approved by a EU Regulator. “The new entity Penguin Random House will continue to face competition from several large and numerous small and medium sized publishers,”the commission said in a statement published by the Guardian. “The merged entity will furthermore face a concentrated retail base, such as supermarkets for print books and large online retailers for ebooks, like Amazon.”

This move was expected to be approved, as the green light had already been achieved in Australia and New Zealand last month, and the US in February. This year, Penguin launched Bookish, a new personalized service that would appeal to book lovers everywhere. With the possibility to access interviews, additional content, reviews and simple one-click Amazon style buying, the service hopes to capture those who are looking for extra quality rather than low prices.

Creative commons photo by jm3


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