Job interviews 101

jobinterviewYou’re in whitewashed room with a glaring, fluorescent light shining on your head. You sweat slightly and fidget in the designer plastic seat, wondering who will walk thought the door and put you to the test. Fear not! You can’t do worse than the people in this Monty Python comedy sketch below:

However, for those who truly want to succeed in the interviewing world, there are some invaluable tips that will help you discover what sort of people tend to lead interviews and how to end up on top in every interview situation.

How can you stand out in the sea of applicants? How can you connect with your interviewer if you’ve never met the person before? In this infographic by Interview Sucess Formula, you can find out about the types of interviewees you’ll find across the recruitment table, and how to act accordingly to guarantee success.


Creative commons photo courtesy of Pulpolux!


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