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April 2013

Social media and B2B: the reign of Twitter and the rise of Google+

Want to win in B2B marketing campaigns? Social media is the way to go, as an increasing number of businesses realize the importance of tweets, updates and videos as part of their selling strategy. Although social media platforms are potential... Continue Reading →


Penguin and Random House merger gets the green light in Europe

The war against Amazon and the dominance in the digital reading age continues. The internet giant had seemingly grown out of proportion in the past, setting up an Author Network that destroyed the filter set in place by more conventional publishing... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the BlackBerry Q10

The BlackBerry Z10 was RIM's last hope to recover lost customers and lost time against their competitor. The new device broke the silence and brought in a new crowdsourcing operating system, developing opportunities and a new and improved touchscreen. Although... Continue Reading →

Is street art … art?

Brace yourself: the Facebook Phone takeover is here

On Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally let everyone out of the dark. After months of speculation, rumors and heavy-handed hints about a possible Facebook Phone that would 'rule them all' (very Lord-of-the-Rings-like), he managed to leave everyone frustrated and slighty bemused.... Continue Reading →

Is there money in e-books?

The rise of digital books means one important thing: an increase in demand for writers that can meet their needs. Is signing an e-book deal the same as signing a regular paper book deal? Can you live off the earnings... Continue Reading →

Diving into Windows Blue, the next big Microsoft project

This is Microsoft's next biggest product. Its code name is Windows Blue and it's an update that will launch this summer under the Windows 8 umbrella; offering a plethora of new personalization options and intuitive tweaks to enhance user experience. Frank... Continue Reading →

The 40th anniversary of the first mobile phone call

The third of April marks a historical anniversary for one of the most important gadgets of the present and the future: 40 years ago today, a Motorola executive picked up a mobile phone and made the first cellular call. Although... Continue Reading →

Fans Review the BlackBerry Z10 and Love the Latest BlackBerry Features [VIDEO]

Job interviews 101

You're in whitewashed room with a glaring, fluorescent light shining on your head. You sweat slightly and fidget in the designer plastic seat, wondering who will walk thought the door and put you to the test. Fear not! You can't... Continue Reading →

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