Social media habits: What are yours?

file0002054526820Do you use social media platforms regularly? How many? As someone interested in the world of technology and news, it’s likely you’ve tried out a few, and might use some of them on a daily basis to update your statuses, share pictures or information with the world and catch up with a few internet friends. Whoever isn’t on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Linkedin are probably people not knowing, right? 

Wrong. You might be surprised to find out that in this survey conducted by and shown in this infographic, 13.2% of respondents said that they don’t use social media sites at all.

For those who do use social media sites, there is no such thing as too much information. Nobody can be who they really are online: internet users try to be a cooler, wittier, more informed, on-the-ball version of themselves. Having the power on when you’re connected can also mean that what other people see, that better person that you’re showing, might be full of gaps (or an outright lie). Although many people use the internet to communicate things that they would never have said in person or over the phone, the lines are still blurred when it comes to what is acceptable sharing material and what should stay private.

It’s probably not a good idea to put your phone number online, as this following ‘wrong number’ conversation points out:


Source: Stumbleupon

As the aforementioned ‘Mr Taco’ points out, one has to be a special kind of stupid to share their phone number on their public Facebook profile page. Even though privacy online is considered one of the top priorities for companies now, many individuals don’t follow suit and continue to share and not update their social media profiles regularly. One of the biggest issues that users had with platforms such as Facebook recently was that they thought that their content, likes and personal information could be found through Facebook Graph search (something that the company has since denied, sayingthat the privacy settings in the profile also apply to the new search engine feature).

What do people share on their social media profiles? In the social media infographic shown below, 77.3% of men surveyed and 56.7% would be opposed to sharing their phone numbers online, whereas 61.1% of men and 78.1% of women would be willing to share the companies that they like online (good news for marketers). More than half would be willing to share their education and their occupation online.


Creative commons photo by giggs


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