Audrey Hepburn, the latest celebrity back from the dead for a Galaxy advert

audreyhepburnIt’s amazing what a bit of CGI and some good makeup can do. For this feel good Galaxy chocolate advert, the legend comes back. What would Audrey Hepburn be doing right now? Why, she’d be on a bus in a picturesque 50s dress looking unbelievably stylish of course!

What seems like crossing the fine line between honouring the dead and not even allowing death to give icons a rest is becoming something of a trend in advertising. Although this advert is one of the more tasteful ones, it makes you wonder: if she’s dead, who has the rights to her image?

According to the law, it’s the families that own the rights to celebrities’ image and their legacy. So if you become really famous, it’s not ust your clothes, jewelery and fortune you’ll have to worry about – it’s promoting vaccum cleaners, turning up in perfume ads or singing in a car when you’re long gone.

“The idea of relatives profiting from a dead celebrity’s legacy began in the late 1970s”, said Roger Richman, a California-based attorney whose agency managed the estates of hundreds of deceased personalities, in an interview with ABC. “Prior to 1979, it was considered wide-open territory … anybody could use the image of a dead celebrity any way they wanted without any payment to the family,” Richman said.

Don’t fear: you don’t have to wait until you’re dead to start making an impact in advertising. Liquid Generation has a compilation of some of the most interesting  (and cringeworthy) adverts with current, iconic and long-gone celebrities. Thought everyone had forgotten you singing about a cool beverage, Bruce Willis? I don’t think so! With the power of the internet, these embarrasing moments – Cher, this is for you – will be around forever.

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