Kindle Paperwhite Review

KC-slate-03-lg._V401625903_It’s big. It’s bad. And it’s all touchscreen. Despite all my misgivings, the new Kindle Paperwhite has won me over with its six inch display, intuitive menu buttons and personalization buttons.

It’s as if all the creative minds at Amazon got together and created the perfect product for lazy users: one where you don’t have to press too many buttons to get what you want, you can flick pages across with next to no effort and even read under the covers with the illuminate button on to maximum. The genius lies in the simplicity. Gone are the fiddly buttons on the sides, leaving a tablet-like sensation in black and white.

A whole life with Kindle Paperwhite (Till it gave up and died)

As a writer, books have always been my passion. The smell of a good book, the dampness of a novel that’s fallen in the bath or the earmarked favorite passages show abundant love and character (and clumsiness). When the first e-reader came out, I eyed them with something akin to hate and distrust, mumbling incoherently about doom and gloom and the end of books with ‘real meaning’ and ‘hard covers’. When they started becoming popular, I assumed the only benefit was that you had relative secrecy over what you were reading and that you could access a lot of books that you’d ‘only wanted to read once anyway and then give away to charity’.

Although I had tried out many e-readers before, this experience was the first time one had been in my hands (and been my responsability). During the time I tried out the Paperwhite, I put it to the test. Not only did I take it to work, to bed and tested it in extreme darkness, I also left it on all night, read a few books and generally tried to get it to blow a fuse or prove that it was in some way worse than a normal paperback penguin novel. Not only did it surpass my expectations, it finally gave up after a week and a half of constant use and no charging.

It’s true: nothing can replace a book so loved that the pages are worn and the bindings are falling apart completely. But this came very close. You don’t have to walk around with heavy books in your bag, you can find a lot of free books if you know where to look, and you can take it everywhere (except the bathroom). I grudgingly accept that it’s possibly the best e-reader I’ve ever handled.

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