The Nokia Lumia 820 Review: Love it or Hate it?

nokia lumiaThe new Nokia Lumia 820 is the phone version of Marmite: you either love it, or you detest it. As one of the main phones on the market with Windows 8 OS, its main features revolve around what you can and can’t do with the operating system and the pre-installed Nokia applications that come with the smartphone.

I took a first look in this video that explored the display and explains how the phone works:

Possibly the greatest feature to within the new Lumia 820 is the fact that it integrates the possibility of cloud computing extremely well. Not only does the smartphone allow you to store all your information in SkyDrive, the Outlook cloud platform in just one click, it also backs up the contact information and mails so that you can access your information without restrictions.

I’ve also tried out some of the charging opportunities that come with the Nokia Lumia 820: some of the new accesories are wireless and have great potential. Although some of the designs (such as the Nokia ‘Fat Boy’ pillow or the wireless casing) seem sort of ludicrous, they do manage to get the job done quickly. The charging time, which for an older smartphone might be under an hour, can be achieved in about half an hour (without using it whilst plugged in like what I’m doing in the video) with any of those accesories, depending on how run down the battery is.

On the whole, I’d say that if you’re a fan of the functionality and design of this device, you’ll probably not be disappointed with the results. Although it’s not the easiest smartphone to handle (it’s rather slippery and takes some getting used to), it’s a good and solid Nokia bet.

Main image courtesy of Nokia Press


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