This is what Spotify’s first ad campaign looks like

IMG_5100Spotify has launched it’s first ad campaign today. The new advert, which features concerts, good times and speaks about the profoundness of ‘good music’ comes after some feature changes in the music platform and increased pressure from other music services like GrooveShark, Rdio and Deezer.

The worries never seem to end: according to an article by Mashable, other big companies such as Apple, Amazon and Google are thinking of launching their own music platforms (although Amazon already has a music store, Apple is famous for its iTunes and Google relies heavily on YouTube).

The other changes to Spotify

So, for european users that haven’t been in the Spotify platform lately, the layout and design has changed. When you search for an artist or look for a song, the engine brings up a different look and feel with mac-like bubbles and slick details that really improve on the most popular artists’ songs and albums. There is also a new button: Artist Radio, which allows you (much in the manner that Rdio, Jango, Deezer or the new MySpace does) to listen to songs from that artist and other music that you might be interested in.

What music platforms are you using? Do you pay for your music service? Let me know in the comments box below or vote in this poll:

Creative commons photo courtesy of marcy



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