Are you unfaithful? Here’s an app to keep it under wraps

file7981274955651A new mobile phone app which promises complete success to people with dirty secrets to hide has just launched in the US.

Whether you’re leading a double life or are just paranoid about someone looking through your phone whilst you’re in the bathroom, this app puts your phone on automatic lock-down.

The most ingenious thing about is that, through one simple password, the information will be kept away from prying eyes who won’t know that you’re hiding anything from them if they decide to look.

CATE (Call and Text Eraser) is advertised as a privacy tool, but could be used as the perfect infidelity tool to avoid awkward conversations and keep double lives secret. Those who are too lazy to get another phone for dirty deeds will no longer have any reason to think their partners will find out. In fact, users can select one or various contacts in their address book so that data sent or received from them can only be accessed through a password.

Is this the end of being ‘caught out’ by inopportune messages on mobile phones? Without the tell-tale evidence, jealous partners will have to find proof from other sources before making their accusations. Although the app creators are banking on their popularity with the unfaithful, the app can be useful for people who are afraid of losing their smartphones, those who hate their nosy coworkers or people who prefer their private conversations to stay private.

For now, the app is available to download for Android smartphones on the Google Play website for 4.99 dollars.


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