Technology-inspired Art

A recent trip to the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid showed just how much technology has inspired art: a transparent, glass dinosaur foot is just the start of a journey in which science and technology is king.

Creativity comes in many different forms. In the Museo Reina Sofia, a modern art museum in Madrid with one of the biggest collections of art in the world, there is a jumble of everything you could imagine: from short films in which a little boy kills some chickens to a barrel with a mirror at the bottom. The queues surrounding the Guernica distract from Dali’s surrealism work, and so many other treasures just waiting to be discovered.

This beautiful image, depicting two women walking towards a future unknown, is a union of technology and humanity. Inside, the cold, hard workings of a machine, covered by soft flesh and blood. One of the many works of art in the exhibit that depicts everything from grotesque, lower halfed people to hamster-headed wonders. A must see museum for anyone passing through the capital!


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