Nintendo says 3D gaming may harm children

Nintendo warned users that the new 3D games on their 3DS handset can harm the eyesight on players under the age of 6.

Although the 3DS has received largely good reviews, one of the main complaints has been, as CNet Reviews puts it, ‘The 3D effect can cause headaches for some, and it can “snap out” because of sensitive viewing angles and games that encourage movement’.

The manufacturer recommends that parents use the Parental Control settings on the device and control the amount of time that young children use the handset.

Adults are advised to take breaks every half hour in order to allow their eyes to rest.

The 3DS is a new device that allows the player to experience 3D vision without the need to use special glasses. A video review for the product can be seen on:

The device is similar to the previous Nintendo DS models, with two screens and directional buttons — although the 3D experience makes it stand out from other models, it can also be reset to be played without the 3D effect.

Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata said “We are being proactive about informing our customer, even though it may not necessarily be positive for our sales,” (see

The company’s president also said that he expects that the launching of the new device will provide great benefits for the company during the next fiscal year. The company faced cost-cuts during 2011, and was forced to sell devices for less than their manufacturing value. The company, although facing a difficult time in the industry, has managed to cut the manufacturing costs and hopes that the strategic release of their product before the holidays will maximize the sales.

The 3DS devices will be available in Europe and the US from March 2012.

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