Natasha Bernal



January 2012

Nintendo says 3D gaming may harm children

Nintendo warned users that the new 3D games on their 3DS handset can harm the eyesight on players under the age of 6. Although the 3DS has received largely good reviews, one of the main complaints has been, as CNet... Continue Reading →


StoryBox, The Educational App of the Year

Storybox, an online US magazine aimed at parents of children aged 3-6, launched their own App for iPads through the iTunes App Store. It features interactive stories with familiar character SamSam, a video and a comic. StoryBox is one of... Continue Reading →

Facebook’s Great Plans for 2012

Facebook is planning to be a Public Listing Company next Wednesday, according to BBC reports. The planned $10 billion share offering estimation  would make Facebook one of the biggest market capitalization companies in existence.( The company is enjoying profitable gains in spite... Continue Reading →

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